Flufferpuff's Diary

(In backwards order, cause she keeps adding more stuff to the diary at the top)

Monday 10/22

deer dairy.
making a recerd is shur sweaty coolness. finully, we get to rock like rockin' rock stars do. mUffin is a jeenius just like... uh, the lead Banana Split. No, she's like Johnny Bravo, but BETTER. We are loud because rock is loud and we are rockers (who rock).

Mom brought me to the stoodio. It has a CAT and EVERYTHING!! Cricket had to be told it was okay to wake Miles (cat's name) who was asleep on her snare drum. I got hongry but didn't notice cuz I was so exited and cuz I had candy in my trombone caise. Playback is when they play back what you recorded. Guess what? It rocked.

I got so tired that I fell asleep on the way home, which mom seys is what happens to rock stars in limos. She was listning to music she heard in a movie that had a tv actor in it.

Wednesday 10/17

deer dairy.
We are goona get EXTRA credit!! We're gonna make a rockin' album! No foolin'! Cricket's dad is gonna record it where he is an engineer! He does not have a train though. We're gonna be famis. I'd better go clean my room.

Sunday 10/14

deer darry.
We are bonafide rockers. Muffin is teaching Thea cords on the gitar she got for her birthday (not a toy even.) Our songs sound better than ever now that I have lots of spit for my rockin' trombone solos.

Saturday 10/13

Deer dairy.
Guess what!? Guess WHAT!!?? GO ON GUESS!! Oh. Okay. Muffin says we're gonna have a rehearsal session with JAM!!! Cricket's dad does music and she's gonna play drums as long as she keeps up her grades and doesn't drop ballet.

Our Friend Thea is making us rockin' posters with magic markers and everything. She is an artist. she can draw cars and horses out of her hed. I can draw stars and smiley faces.

Tuesday 10/9

deer dairy.
School's not so bad. Ms. G is cool. She's like someone you'd bring if you needed a grown up to "let me see the manager." For homework, we have to think of projecs about colonial aMerica. I want to rite a paper on how maybe the homeless are just the indians we took america from. Man, we should get the BAND going again!!

Friday 10/5

deer dary.
I went to Muffin's after skool today. We layed on her floor listning to her older sisters freaky records, eatin' chips and talking about comics and rockin'. Cable showed some rockin ' videos by bands who must've put glue in their hair. Cool.

Monday 10/1

deer dairy.
ungh. back to school, standing in line with our lunch trays, listening to Carl begging Ms. G to call on him then ansering her question with a big dumb LONG look. We are learning stuff about compund werds like armpit. I look out the window and think about summer. It gets harder and harder to keep it alive in my brain.

Monday 9/3

deer dairy,
I think I've ruined Girlband. I really think so. What am I going to do? WHAT?! Sparkle's dad is taking her back to New Zealand, I and just KNOW it's because of that dingo joke I made. I'm being as brave as I can, for Muffin's sake, but I am about to go completely crazy! We practiced and practiced and practiced, sometimes at Sparkle's house - so it's not like Sparkle's dad doesn't know how totally shattered he's making us. Grownups just stink! I wanna Sparkle! I wanna shine! I wanna kick Sparkle's dad right in the... no I don't, no I don't... stop saying stuff like that. Sigh. Where's all the Apple Jacks around here?

Monday 7/23

deer dairy,
Muffin's home! YAY!! But we haven't had a chance to practice yet because she is still unpacking all her stuff (what's a crawdad, anyway?) and then she has to visit her aunt and uncle in Colorado next weekend. But we are going to the movies later this week, and we're going to make her mom and my grandma let us get our ears pierced. This is just ridiculous - we're practically IN the fourth grade, and we're the only ones who are still wearing those stupid clip-earrings.

Sparkle's supposed to be back here in a few days, but I can never tell when those airplanes from New Zealand are actually going to get here. It's amazing that she can fly all that way and not lose her luggage. I wonder if she got my joke about the dingos. I hope so.

Wednesday 7/18

deer dairy,
Muffin's coming home next week! I sure hope she's been practicing her bass, or else our band is going to have a lot of trouble ROCKING. I've been working so hard on my guitar, my fingers ache. Grandma tells me to turn it down even before I've turned on my crummy little amp, and my headphones only work on one side, which makes me dizzy after a few minutes. So I've been playing the trombone sometimes, which doesn't hurt my fingers or my ears, but it does make my lips itch. The really weird thing is that I'm much better at the guitar, but Grandma seems to like my trombone-playing better. What's up with that?

Sunday 7/15

deer dairy,
I decided to wash Grandma's car today, so I got out the bucket and the hose and the towels and the bleach, and I was doing a totally exxelent job, but the neighbbor mom saw what I was doing and made me stop. I'd only finished one door! Some people just have to keep their noses out of other people's business, that's what I say.

I wrote to Muffin today to remind her to keep practicing, even while she's away. When school starts again our band has to totally ROCK! She's the greatest, so I'm not worried or anything, but I just want our band to ROCK! Totally!

Friday 7/13

deer dairy,
It's Friday the 13th. I guess that means I'm supposed to have bad luck, but I really don't see how my luck could get any worse. The kids next door stole my flashlight, which means I can't crawl under the house looking for bugs and worms to put in the kitchen to scare Grandma. The mailman dropped my SECOND letter from Muffin into a puddle, so it's all smeared and unlejibul. And I spilled orange juice on my froot loops yesterday! I hate this summer!

Tuesday 7/10

deer dairy,
I got a letter from Muffin today, but Grandma opened it before I could read it. I can't believe she would do that! I mean, come ON! Don't I get any privacy at all? When Grandma finally let me read it, it made me even sadder, because I miss Muffin so much. AND because it sounds like she's having such a great time at camp. It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair!

Saturday 7/7

deer dairy,
This summer stinks. Grandma is always making weird noises with her nose, and ordering me around. I wish I could have gone to camp with Muffin. How are we supposed to practice to make our band ROCK when I have to sit around here all day hearing about what a little lady should do? I'm gonna call Mom and tell her I'm catching Newmonia (how do you spell that?) or something. I'm going crazy!

The next door neighbors have 2 kids, but the girl is 3 years younger than me, and the boy is a BOY. Yuck. I've decided to be nice to the girl but ignore the boy. Her name is Jennifer, and she is really immature. She thinks Harry Potter is too scary, and she chews her own hair. Gross! I miss Muffin a lot.