Muffin's Diary

(In backwards order, cause she keeps adding more stuff to the diary at the top)

Wednesday 10/17

Dear Diary,
Oh my God! I've been so busy making our new Girlband CD, I haven't been writing in my diary! I can't believe it! That NEVER happens. Flufferpuff and I have been going crazy with all the things we have to do to make sure this is the rockingest CD ever in the history of the world. That pretty green guitar sure sounds good! Hopefully we'll have it finished by Thanksgiving! Oh BOY!

Sunday 9/2

Dear Diary,
So far, this is the most depressing back-to-school ever. I can't believe Sparkle's dad is taking her and her whole family back to New Zealand. Forever! This just absolutely poops on everything. After all the practicing we've done! And we were ROCKING! Flufferpuff says we can still rock, but it's just not gonna be the same. I wish there were some Apple Jacks in the house.

Sunday 7/22

Dear Diary,
We're just waiting for the moms and dads to pick us up. The coonseleres said I could stay if I wanted but mommy won't let me. She just wants me to come home so I can set the table for dinner because she forgot how. When I grow up I'm going to hire someone to come over and set the table every night. And I'll eat as much cheesewhiz as I want and not get sick.

Saturday 7/21

Dear Diary,
Tomorrow we have to go home. Daddy's coming to get me. I don't want to go home. The coonseleres are really nice and I learned how to do archeery. I shot a coonseler and they said I have to be more careful. I closed my eyes. I sang last night. Everybody says I am going to be a rock star like Brittnee Speers. I am going to take some dance classes when I get home. I still itch and I miss the crawdad.

Monday 7/16

Dear Diary,
I wrote a postcard to Flufferpuff in the cafeteria. Then this real stupid girl spilled milk all over it and I had to start over. Tonight we have a show and we're supposed to show our talent. I'm going to play my guitar and sing some of our songs. I can do that James Brown part really good now. I whale on it. I wrote some more words on our new song in the infermerery. I had to go back because I got sick from eating all the cheesewhiz our of the bottle and threw up. I stll itch.

Saturday 7/14

Dear Diary,
I was walking back alone for the cafeteria and I accidently stepped on a rock. But it moved. It was this big tarantula and her babies. She was as big as a hostess cupcake and she started chasing me. I was screaming and the coonselers came and threw rocks on her and then chopped her up. The babies ran everywhere. I cried for about an hour. I still itch.

Wednesday 7/11

Dear Diary,
We went on an overnight up the hill. We had to carry our sleeping bags the whole way and it was hot and we had to watch out for rattelsnakes not to bite us. We sat around the campfire and the coonselers told us stories about kids being slashed up in their cars while they were making out. I got about 50 mosquito bites and today I'm in the infermerery and I have some pink, smelly stuff all over me and I can't go in the lake. It's about a thouseand degrees today. I really itch.

Monday 7/9

Dear Diary,
Well, today, being that I miss Flufferpuff so much, I was so happy when I found a new friend. I was showing it to everybody. It was a crawdad I found that I named Fluffy. The coonseler came into the tent and saw and grabbed it off the postcard I was holding it on and threw it on the wood floor and chopped it up into little bits. She said it was a scorpion. I cried for about an hour.

Friday 7/6

Dear Diary,
Camp is fun. I really like Shelly, who is in the bunk above mine. She doesn't wet the bed, and she's nice. Today we went horseback riding. I was scared to at first, but Shelly said that horses like kids. I petted my horse's mane, and I gave her a carrot, and she was fun to ride. We went swimming after that, and the lake is really cold, but it was fun to kick really hard in the water and splash the boys who were teasing us. I like my new bathing suit, but I wish Mom hadn't written my name on the outside of the collar instead of the inside by mistake. Those boys were calling me Egg McMuffin, and I splashed them really hard for that. I miss Flufferpuff a lot. And I'm never EVER gonna make fun of her name again.