All right! You wanna buy the Girlband CD! Cool!

You can do it the quick internet way, or the slower US mail way - whichever you prefer.

Click here to order through Paypal. (If you've never used Paypal before, you might want to read the instructions below, and then order by clicking on the "Gimme" button.)
Click here to order with a check, through the US Mail.

And now, the Paypal Instructions!
If you become a regular Paypal user, and/or if you get your friends to become regular Paypal users, Paypal will give you a $5 credit for each! And that means you're getting your Girlband CD for just FIVE BUCKS, or FOR FREE! You'll get all the details when you sign up.
It's easy. We use Paypal because it's a secure, simple system that takes your credit card numbers (or your Mom's credit card numbers - but ask her first!) and sends the funds to us. If you've never used Paypal before, they ask you to sign up with them - it takes about a minute, it's free, it's one-time-only, and they will NOT put your name on any creepy mailing lists or anything.
Once you've signed up with Paypal and clicked on , you'll see a form on your screen that automatically presumes you want to order 1 copy of our CD "Hey Hey Howdy." If you'd like to order more than one, simply use the Backspace and/or Delete key to erase the "1" in the little box in the column marked "Qty" and change it to 2 or 3 or 457. It does the math automatically - phew! Math is stinky! You'll notice that however many CDs you order, the shipping charge will remain at $3. Isn't that cool?
If you make a mistake, or change your mind about ordering, simply click on the little box in the column labeled "Remove" (this will put a check-mark in the box) and then click on the button labeleled "Update" at the bottom of the form. This will clear the form. Then close the Paypal window, and go back to the Girlband site to start over.
If any of this is confusing, just click here to ask Muffin how to do it. And soon you'll be ROCKING with Girlband!

Click here to order!